Friday, 29 October 2010

Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day @ UBS

Yesterday UBS did host the Eclipse enterprise modeling day @ UBS in Zurich. I think it was a great event which did proof the importance of modeling in the overall software development process. Here are some impressions from the day.

Together with Ian Skerrett  (Eclipse foundation) I had the pleasure to welcome the more than 100 participants from various companies. Stephan Eberle and Martin Mandischer did then show the strategic vision "Eclipse Modeling Platform for Enterprise Modeling".

Robert Blust presented the experiences made at UBS with the Eclipse modeling technologies and how UBS has used them for analyzing and visualizing its Cobol based host environment.

Ed Merks gave an overview of the eclipse modeling framework EMF. It is always cool to see such a framework documented on a single page.

Xtext is a great technology to build domain specific languages and editors which are embedded in the Eclipse IDE.  Sven Efftinge showed an overview of Xtext including its latest features.

Graphiti contributed by SAP seems to ber very promising for graphical editors. I will try it out - it just looked cool in the presentation by  Michael Wenz.  Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser showed then the useage of Eclipse in the automotive industry. It was a funny cincidence that his presentation ended with a list of observed limitations which appeared as product feature in the next presentation from Eike Stepper. He showed how CDO can be used to store large models in a distributed, offline and clustered setup with CDO.

Norbert Moegerle the showed how RWE has applied MDSD for many years. The last presentation by Holger Schill showed a set of DSLs implifying development with JEE 2 using Xtext and GMF in Nord/LB.  

The successful afternoon concluded with a closing note and a nice reception.

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